Chris Stedman

Chris Stedman

Humanist Chaplaincy (Humanist/Agnostic/Atheist)
Chris Stedman

Address:  The Humanist Hub,  30 JFK Street, Fourth Floor, Cambridge, MA 02138

I'm the Assistant Humanist Chaplain at Harvard. Prior to becoming a chaplain, I worked as the Humanist Community at Harvard (HCH) inaugural Interfaith and Community Service Fellow.  Before that, I worked for Interfaith Youth Core in Chicago, IL.  I received my Master's in Religion (Pastoral Care and Counseling) from Meadville Lombard Theological School at the University of Chicago.  Additionally, I have a Bachelor of Arts in Religion from Augsburg College in Minnesota (where I grew up).  In addition to my work at HCH, I am the Emeritus Managing Director of State of Formation at the Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue, a website for emerging religious and ethical thinkers.  I write for Huffington Post Gay Voices, Huffington Post Religion, The Washington Post On Faith, Religion Dispatches, Relevant, and other publications on issues relating to atheism and interfaith dialogue.  Most recently, I wrote a book on my experiences as an atheist and interfaith activist called Faitheist: How an Atheist Found Common Ground with the Religious.

In my work as the Assistant Humanist Chaplain at Harvard, I help facilitate Harvard's community of atheists, agnostics, and the nonreligious with a team of five others. Among my biggest responsibilities are coordinating the Humanist Graduate Community at Harvard, running a program called Values in Action (the interfaith outreach and community service arm of the Humanist Community at Harvard) that hosts monthly civic engagement opportunities open to all students, and being available to meet with anyone who wants to talk or who needs someone to listen. Though I'm happy to speak with anyone, my areas of interest include atheism, Humanism, agnosticism, skepticism, interfaith cooperation, LGBTQ identity, Islam in America / Islamophobia, community service, and social justice.

To wrap up this introduction, I'd like to share one final piece of information. There is a tattooed quote that runs down my right arm, winding in and out of other tattoos I have. Written by agnostic astronomer Carl Sagan, it says: "For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love." What makes the vastness bearable for me—and, often, what makes it more than bearable—is the meaning I find with others in love and community. If you're looking for community, or if you want to talk about meaning, I'd love to meet with you.

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