Pat McLeod

Pat McLeod

Cru Chaplaincy
Pat McLeod

Special areas of interest:  Christ and culture, science and religion, sports

Hi, my name is Pat McLeod and I am on staff with an interdenominational Christian organization Campus Crusade for Christ. I serve as the advisor to both Christian Impact and Athletes in Action.

I work very closely with my wife Tammy (the Director of College Ministry at Park Street Church).

I grew up in Wyoming and Montana and have a tremendous love for nature and a passion for sport.

College was a critical time in my life. It was while in college that I became a Christian and began what is for me the most important relationship in life—a relationship with Jesus Christ.

I love sharing my faith in Christ with others, especially college students. Helping students grow as disciples of Jesus Christ and helping to build communities that embody the transformational practices and perspectives of Jesus is one of my hot buttons.

I’m also very interested in the dialogue between science and religion. This is the focus of my doctoral studies at Boston University.

I played football in college and continue to enjoy all kinds of sporting activities, especially wrestling with my four kids.

We live very near to Harvard in the Wilson House (across the street from the Law School) and are particularly fond of bringing Harvard students into our home.