Rebekah Kim

Rebekah Kim

Baptist (Southern)
Rebekah Kim

Telephone:  (617) 496-2472
Address:  The Memorial Church, Harvard Yard

As a Southern Baptist chaplain, I want to proclaim Christ and His transforming love on the Harvard campus, and from there, to the ends of the earth. I lead the Asian Baptist Student Koinonia (ABSK), teaching Bible studies on Friday nights, and holding office hours twice a week in the Science Center. All who want to meet the Lord Jesus Christ personally are invited to come and discuss the Bible, and anything in their lives, whether or not they are Asian, or come from a Christian background.

I myself grew up in a strict Confucian tradition in rural Korea. As a college student Seoul National University, I came to know Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. Ever since then, I have had a special heart for college students, and Asian American students in particular. I want to help my students to think deeply and carefully about their lives, and their priorities, and also just to enjoy their few precious college years. To that end, of course I emphasize serious study of the +B1 Bible, but I haven't forgotten the importance of Christian fellowship, either (which, I believe, is never complete without good food, preferably Korean).

In ABSK, we are striving to build a strong community of believers, committed above all to God and the truth of His Word as revealed in the Bible. We want to help each other live holy lives, because we believe that Christian life ought to be confessed not only in word, but also in deed and action. As we believe that our relationships in Christ are eternal, we strive for deep, lasting fellowship—fellowship that will survive beyond the four years of college. I encourage all Christians at Harvard to appreciate the great privilege they have to be at one of the elite universities of the world, and I hope that Harvard can be a place where the future leaders of the church in the 21st century can be raised.

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