Margery Kennelly

Rev. Margery Kennelly

Episcopal Chaplaincy
Margery Kennelly

Telephone: (978) 500-3993
Address:  Two Garden Street, Cambridge, MA  02138
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I grew up in the Episcopal Church which for me meant that I learned about a way of being Christian, of praying, of coming to the Lord’s table, of hearing the scriptures read and explained and serving those in need long before I actually came to know Jesus in a personal way. In retrospect it seems rather backwards, but one of the special graces of the Episcopal church is the way it stretches to embrace and carry those of us who are seeking and doubting and believing all together in common prayer and life. Eventually I did come to believe that Jesus is all the Bible attests, and that God is indeed mysteriously a holy trinity.

For the first half of my career I painted portraits. I married Harvard College classmate, Richard Kennelly, and have two children: Julia who graduated from Tisch School of the Arts and makes movies and Henry who graduated from Harvard College with a degree in History the spring of 2017.

The heart of The Chaplaincy is Sunday Evening Eucharist at 5:30 at Christ Church, Zero Garden Street, followed by supper. We host a mid- week service of Compline, which is an ancient rite of night prayer, and we also hold a Friday Bible Study. We serve at Y2Y in Harvard Square and host several retreats throughout the year.

Our Kellogg Fellow, Keith Esposito who is in his final year at the Harvard Divinity School, and I are both available to listen to and encourage students as they wrestle with matters of faith and conscience; and walk their spiritual and vocational journeys.

I am a big fan of games that would technically be called parlor games, but not involving numbers or spelling correctly, and I have spent a good deal of time performing in musical theater and I play tennis and love hiking.