Raymond Kahng

Rev. Raymond Kahng

Harvard Korean Mission Church
Raymond Kahng

Email:  rkahng@post.harvard.edu
Telephone:  (617) 576-5572; cell:  (617) 470-5842
Address:  1555 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA  02138
Special areas of interest:  Peaceful reunification of Koreas, global mission, service, hungry/homeless population

Pastor Kahng came to America from Korea after the Korean War in 1953 and received his degree in B.A. in Philosophy and Religion from Hendrix College. He later studied at Boston University where he received his M.A. in History and studied Management Information Systems and Computer Programming Languages at MIT. In 1968, he started the Korea Computers Corporation, Korea's first computer service center, and trained many thousands of computer professionals. He was a lecturer at Seoul national University Graduate School of Public Administration, and widely considered a pioneer of the Information industry in Korea. Pastor Kahng traveled extensively in the Middle East, working with the Saudi Arabian Government as a consultant advisor to Ministry of Interior and later as Director of MIS, Naval Program at Ministry of Defense and Aviation. Later, he returned to New York and worked at a major Defense Contractor as a executive. In 1993, he entered Harvard Divinity School and received a Master of Divinity degree in 1996 and a Th.M in 1998. He was ordained as Deacon in 1999 by the United Methodist Church North Conference and as Elder (Full Membership) in 2001.

Pastor Kahng's childhood was difficult in the midst of the Korean/Japanese conflict, losing his father who was also a Presbyterian minister. He is the father of five children and grandfather to eleven grandchildren. As a student at Harvard, he conducted seminars and conferences at Harvard Divinity School for the Race, World and Peace, conference and other activities, and he became the first Korean Chaplain in The United Ministry at Harvard. He has been actively involved in global peace movements, particularly with peace in North Korea. He has led a conference on Korean Peace Conference in 2002, and continues to work on peace in Korea.

Please come by if you are interested in Mission and international peace work. Pastor Kahng can also perform wedding ceremonies and provide counseling to students for their career and school work. Come to HKM, meet Pastor Kahng, join the fellowship, eat good Korean food, and participate in our worship service for spiritual guidance.