Can a Religion Be Bad?

By Swami Tyagananda, Hindu Chaplain at Harvard

People can be good or bad, but not religion. It’s people who make enemies, who fight and who kill—and it’s people who make friends, who love and who enrich life. Should religion be held responsible for what its people do?

This raises a set of thorny questions:  what is meant by “its people” in the preceding sentence?  Who amongst us can claim to be completely authentic representatives of our...

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Housing Day

By Jonah C. Steinberg, Harvard Hillel Chaplain

“Thus all the work that King Solomon did building the House of the Eternal One was completed...” (I Kings 7:51)

If, as according to Rabbi Simeon ben Gamaliel, “Israel had no greater days of joy than the fifteenth of the month of Av and the Day of Atonement,” (Mishnah, Ta’anit4:8) it can similarly be said that Harvard College has no greater days of joy than Commencement and Housing Day.

On Housing Day, our freshmen, in their blocking-groups of mutually selected...

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