Dokurô Jaeckel

Dokurô Jaeckel

Buddhist Chaplaincy

Telephone: (617) 800-9585
Address:  17 Spring Street, Watertown, MA  02472
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I began formal Zen Training in the Rinzai Zen tradition in the early 1980s. I have always been curious about what it means to be a human being, about this world and the many existential questions that arise from such curiosity. Having grown up in a family with no particular religious orientation as a young adult I recognized Zen as the path that felt most appropriate to me. After seven years of intensive lay practice I was ordained a Zen monk by one of the foremost Japanese Zen masters in the United States, Jôshû Sasaki, Rôshi and received the Buddhist name Dokurô (doku = single, rô = tower). Building a Zen practice based community was always part of my path and I established the first Zen meditation group in my home town in 1984.

Since then many years have passed. In 2004 I was made an Oshô (Zen teacher) by Sasaki Rôshi and received the name Kyôon (kyô = apricot, on = garden). In the same year I also started at the Cambridge Buddhist Association where I served as the Abbot until the CBA discontinued to offer a place for Buddhist practice.

Dharma Cloud Hermitage, our local temple, continues the tradition of the CBA Zazen-kai, which traces back to the first meetings with Shinichi Hisamatsu and D.T. Suzuki in 1957. Under the name Charles River Zen we follow the tradition of Japanese Rinzai Zen (Myôshin-ji branch) as it was brought to the United States by Sasaki Rôshi. Sittings are in a rented space since CRZ does not have access to a dedicated space. Practicing in an urban meditation setting brings the opportunity to fully integrate Zen training and everyday life: facing what is here and now, right in front of us. The temple's motto is: No Doubt. No Fear. No Hesitation.

As a Buddhist Chaplain at Harvard it is my responsibility to be available to the University community regardless of religious background, training, and beliefs. I look forward to meeting you face to face, two human beings engaging in open and honest relationship and interaction. Please feel free to join us at the CRZ, leave me a phone message, or contact me per e-mail.