Adventist Christian Fellowship


Be part of a thriving community that empowers students, faculty, and staff to be disciples and make disciples of Jesus.

The mission stems from Jesus’ words in Mathew 28:16-20. Discipleship flourishes when we share life with others through authentic, loving, and self-sacrificial relationships. Jesus provided the roadmap of discipleship through His life and ministry on earth. How we can follow Jesus’ roadmap of discipleship?

  • We can connect with God personally through consistent time in prayer and exploring His word.
  • We can connect meaningfully with others through conversations, socializing, laughter, celebrations, and be present during difficult times.
  • We can pray for others and with them, and spend time exploring God’s word together.  
  • We can serve and invite others to serve, being a blessing in words and action to individuals, families, and the community.

Jesus lived an outward-focused life, investing in and loving others. He has called and empowered us to live like Him.