Endri Misho

Endri Misho

Seventh Day Adventist Chaplaincy
Endri Misho

“What do you want to do when you grow up?

“An ambassador,” I would reply without hesitation. 

Traveling, meeting people, and learning about cultures fascinated me. When time came to decide what to study in college, I knew it – international relations and diplomacy. Reflecting back, I give God credit for the opportunity of studying international relations and for working in the field for about 10 years. He is also responsible for planting in my heart the desire to prepare for pastoral ministry when I grappled for deeper meaning and purpose in my life and work. And of course, He made it possible for my wife Eva and I to attend the MDiv program at Andrews University in Michigan in 2012.

The years at Andrews were transformative for both us. The excellent academic and practical preparation combined with authentic friendships with classmates, faculty, staff, and our church family in St. Joseph, MI, provided a foundation for church planting and campus ministry. It was at the Seminary that God’s mission for us – to be disciples and to make disciples – began to take root. Near the end of the program, God also stirred in our hearts the idea of planting churches that focused on discipleship. Calling us back to the Boston area, where we had worked and lived prior to the Seminary, God opened doors for us to pursue church planting. During the years of church planting, God helped us understand that to be a disciple is to live like Jesus and to make disciples means to empower others to live like Him. Through God’s leading, the work of discipleship can continue in university campuses throughout Southern New England.

After the Seminary God blessed us with two boys, Daniel (5) and Mateo (2). They keep us on our toes and remind us every day that discipleship begins at home.  

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