InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Advisors to Harvard-Radcliffe Christian Fellowship (HRCF), Harvard-Radcliffe Asian American Christian Fellowship (HRAACF) and the Graduate School Christian Fellowship (GSCF), InterVarsity seeks to foster Christian community and encourage students to see the relevance of their faith to academic work, relationships, and vocational choices. We meet regularly for Bible study, prayer and worship. We sponsor retreats, participate in community service, and coordinate short term opportunities in world mission. Study groups welcome any who are interested in exploring the Christian faith. Our office is located in the basement of The Memorial Church in Harvard Yard.
Jonathan Betts Fields

Jonathan Betts "JB" Fields

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
Graduate and Faculty Ministries/Black Scholars and Professionals

Social media:  @GlobalJon
Telephone:  (313) 350-8827
Special areas of interest:  Youth  young adult ministry and counseling, spiritual formation, poetry, discerning one's career, Sabbath/rest, bible study, racism/white supremacy, racial reconciliation and racial/ethnic integrity

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